Kitchen Garden Competition

Do you love your vegetable garden and would be proud to show it off? Would you like to enter your garden into a competition? The Ballarat Agricultural & Pastoral Society is holding a Kitchen Garden Competition for those who live in the city of Ballarat.

Our grandparents and parents always had a vegetable patch to feed the family but in the ensuing years with the busyness of life the backyard vegetable garden started to disappear. However, it is wonderful to see a resurgence over the last little while for growing your own vegetables and herbs. Whether it is a pocket handkerchief sized garden or something much bigger, growing your own vegetables is extremely satisfying. There is nothing like lettuce picked straight from the garden before dinner, or those sweet juicy cherry tomatoes, new potatoes for the Christmas dinner. The great pumpkin patch or the green beans growing up against the fence. The list goes on and on.

So the Society is calling all owners of the suburban backyard vegetable garden to enter the competition. There are four categories:

Category 1

The Best Kitchen Garden

This can be any size.

Category 2

The Organic Kitchen Garden

This is for the gardener who does not use any chemicals on the garden but uses the holistic approach to gardening.

Category 3

The Best Compact Kitchen Garden

This can be a small plot or vegetables grown in pots and containers.

Category 4

The Children's Kitchen Garden

This is for children 12 years and under as at 31 December 2020.

Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in each category. We would like to thank the proud sponsors for the competition. They are:

Best Kitchen Garden - Growmaster Ballarat
Best Organic Kitchen Garden – Lambley Gardens and Nursery
Best Compact Garden – Formosa Gardens Nursery
Best Kid’s Kitchen Garden – Avalon Nursery

The Society would like to thank each of these nurseries for their sponsorship.

Entries are now closed.

From the Ballarat Agricultural & Pastoral Society, we wish you all the very best.