Ballarat Agricultural and Pastoral Society

The Ballarat Agricultural Show Society held its first activity on 10th July 1856. It was a ploughing match with twenty ploughmen taking part. Over 162 years later the Society is still celebrating its contribution to the community and agricultural activities.

We conduct a number of events which showcase the wide ranging agricultural nature of our community today. The Ballarat Showgrounds are also used to conduct a variety of activities by other groups. Facilities are available to hire.

Upcoming Attractions

Ballarat Show

Ballarat Show

8, 9 & 10 November 2019

Looking for a fun weekend out?

Look no further, the 2019 Ballarat Spring show is the place to be!  With hundreds of attractions.


Rural Lifestyle Expo

RLE has been postponed and will RELAUNCH & REVAMP in due course

The Weekly Times Rural Lifestyle Expo has achieved much since its first event in 2012.

The annual event is conducted by the Ballarat Agricultural and Pastoral Society.

RLE has been postponed and will RELAUNCH & REVAMP in due course


Upcoming Events

See dates below.

Every Sunday Rotary Trash & Treasure Market

9 MARCH 2019 PBR Rodeo

29 MARCH 2019 Midlands Group Dinner

12 - 14 APRIL The Great Outdoors Expo

29 APRIL - 19 MAY Silver Circus

24 - 25 MAY 2019 Ballarat Poultry Show


23 JUNE 2019 Victorian Sheep Show 

23 JUNE 2019 Ballarat Merino Ram Sale


3 AUGUST 2019 Ballarat Bird Show

22 - 23 AUGUST 2019 Ballarat Poultry Show

9 - 11 OCTOBER 2019 Ballarat Wine Show

12 OCTOBER 2019 Ballarat Wine Show Dinner

31 OCTOBER 2019 Corridale and Dohne Ram Sale

9, 10 & 11 November 2019 Ballarat Spring Show



2016 Sheep Show_660

Victorian Sheep Show & Feature Merino Ram Sale

23 June 2019

The 2019 Ballarat Sheep Show will host on the same day the Merino Ram Sale.


Ballarat Market

Every Sunday

Formerly Trash 'N' Trivia Sunday Market.

Run by Ballarat South Rotary Club contact 0418 518 106 the market operates every Sunday on the Showgrounds site corner of Creswick Rd and Howitt St.


Sheepdog Trials


Please be advised the Ballarat Sheepdog Trials will not be held in 2019.


Rural Achiever Awards

TBA 2019

The Ballarat Agricultural & Pastoral Society’s (BAPS) Youth Committee’s annual Ballarat Rural Achiever Awards has been hailed as a major success and a great result for the future of agriculture in the region..


Ram Sale Feature of Ballarat Sheep Show

23 June 2019

2017 Congratulations to Glenpaen who were awarded Ballarat Ram Sale Champion Ram, as presented with the broad ribbon by sponsor Mary-Liz Ford of Matangi Station.


Wine Show

9 - 11 October 2019 Wine Show Dinner 12th October 2019

Please note: entries must be received by

23 August 2019.